Q Is coaching normally done one-to-one? Is there group coaching as well?
A Normally, coaching is conducted for an individual. This is because it is thought that seeking action plans to achieve one's objective would be the best as individual is different from person to person. However, when the objectives are common for a group, group coaching would also be effective.

Q Does coaching by phone really work?
A It would be better to have a coaching session in person, but for those who are very busy, having a coaching conversation by phone is surely effective. Actually in many cases, coaching by phone/skype is widely conducted.
You can call even in case you are on a business trip. You can also have a session from your house, before you go to office or after you came back from your office..

Q What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?
A In consulting, solutions are normally indicated by the consultants., whereas in coaching, coach will not indicate solutions/action plans. In coaching, you are the person to create a solution and to create action plans. The role of coaches is to assist/support clients to develop solutions and action plans.

Q What would be expected outcome?
A You can acieve your goal much more efficiently. Below are examples of expected outcome by Coaching.
       ・You will be able to improve your leadership skills
   ・You can realize your improvement area of your leadership skill
   ・You can improve your communication
   ・You can improve your teamwork to attain higher goals
   ・You can change your worl/life balance

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